We've been waiting for someone just like you. By visiting this page you have already shown your commitment to helping animals.   

We are building a new community together, a community of volunteers who can share information with each other and proudly represent our team in the world. We are continuing to add new volunteers and volunteer opportunities, and we are excited to have you join us.

We don’t run our own tours or clinics, we act as a matchmaker between our volunteers and partner organizations. We research volunteer opportunities with existing organizations and pass the information on to you, then we work together to arrange your trip with the group you choose. We remain a liaison between you and your chosen group throughout the entire process. 

We are now able to offer limited funding to qualified applicants. Use the link below for more details.

Join us and be a pioneer! We're looking forward to meeting you. Tell us about yourself and what you're looking for by filling out our volunteer application, then browse our volunteer opportunities to see what interests you.