Love dogs? Like working in a team environment? Want to learn ASPCA emergency sheltering best practices and meet like-minded individuals?

Right now, more than 200 dogsβ€”most of them rescued from a life of dogfighting and now at our temporary shelter in Ohioβ€”need your help. 

OH-licensed veterinarians, veterinary technicians and daily caregivers


  • Medical teams provide expertise for treatment and care of animals 
  • Daily care responders provide direct care and maintenance including feeding, cleaning kennels and providing enrichment

NOW! The ASPCA FIR Team is scheduling responders daily. We have a critical gap beginning 1/31 and there is no exact end date for these shelters. FIR expects to be there well into 2017.

For how long: 
Length is flexible, from one to 14 days per person. (Note: If participation requires a flight, there is a 7-day minimum requirement.)

Airfare, mileage, hotel and meals will be covered if needed. Volunteers will receive an orientation and specific training relevant to the operation.

Most volunteers who deploy to ASPCA operations describe the experience as life-changing, and are eager to come back, learn new skills and work with others who care just as deeply about animals.

Learn more about joining the FIR team at the link below.